Mapping the Royal Naval Ships of WWI

*The Guardian* reports on an animation of First World War captain logs from every vessel in the Royal Navy created by Old Weather citizen scientists for the publication's "Data Store: Show and Tell" series.


Imagine what new insights can be gleaned from visualizing transcribed, off-the-record historical data. The citizen science team at Open Weather did just that, and plugged information from WWI captain logs into CARTO.
This data sheds new light on location, temperature, and time, and provides a unique record of climate change. Old Weather has been crowdsourcing reviews of every log book, and the result is a fascinating insight into the British Empire at war - albeit of the records that have survived.


Citizen scientists of Old Weather collaborated with CARTO and Zooniverse to create an animated visualization of never-before known Royal Navy activity based on historical archives.
Why use CARTO to tell this story? As reporter Simon Rogers explains, "CARTO is unique in combining ambitious, elegant mapping with the accessibility of free tools. If you want to show complex geo-data - in an accessible, shareable way - for most people CARTO will be the best solution."

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