What problem was Descifra looking to solve with CARTO?

We needed to have a system that would scale up in terms of geographical computing because our customers need to have a solution that’s very fast and we didn’t have the resources as a start-up to pay for the licenses of other software. And we didn’t have the engineers to scale this up, CARTO makes it very very easy.

How did CARTO help you to solve this problem?

So CARTO’s solution is pretty straightforward, it is what we call through web services and APIs. We don’t have to worry about the infrastructure at all. Like it’s all handled: the damage scales up and it scales down as necessary.

What have the results of using CARTO been?

So our downtime has gone down to zero. We always have great performance and we don’t have to worry about it.


CARTO is scalable, it’s easy to use, the people of CARTO are amazing, they’re constantly innovating and it’s a very robust system and it looks beautiful.