Northwest Bushwick Community Map

The North West Bushwick Community Map is a mapping project that will provide local residents and community organizers with housing and urban planning data of our neighborhood to help track the changes happening in Bushwick, particularly the urban vices of gentrification and displacement.

Bushwick is in a housing justice crisis. Across Bushwick, as housing investors buy homes and raise rents to line their pockets, they kick out longstanding low-income tenants, either through illegal intimidation tactics or questionably “legal” tactics in the housing court system. Many tenants know little about how to stand up and fight against this injustice, knowing very little about their home: who their landlord is, if their unit is rent-stabilized, how many code violations are filed on their building, and more.

While most tenants know that change is happening, they often may not see the the widespread nature of the change across their neighborhood. Additionally, community organizers working to help prevent displacement need a more precise sense of the trends occurring on particular blocks, buildings, and across the neighborhood to know where to focus their efforts.

Real estate agents and investors use costly websites to search for homes to buy, quickly gathering information to expand their portfolio and increase profits from rents in Bushwick and New York City wide. In turn we saw the need for a free, community-owned, and community-directed map to help residents get a better sense of these changes and to unite together against these injustices.

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