Texas Appifies its Water Supply with CARTO

This web-based application uses CARTO to display water planning information from the 2012 Texas State Water Plan as part of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) initiative to streamline communication with planners, scientists, policymakers, and the public.
Every five years, the TWDB collects and presents data resulting from the research and analysis contributed by more than 400 regional water planning group members, consultants, administrative agencies, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, state and federal agencies, and the individuals and organizations that provided public input during the planning process.


Without an interactive visualization hub, it was difficult for the TWDB to convey the extensive layers of research conducted and organized during each five-year planning cycle to the public. Planning groups evaluate population projections, water demand projections, and existing water supplies that would be available during times of drought in addition to water user groups that will not have enough water to recommend strategies that address shortages.


On the TWDB map, each water user group is tagged to a single point near its primary location so that an entity with a large or multiple service area(s) may be displayed outside the specific area queried. The map views are schematic, summarizing and displaying available data with some limitations. Some water sources, for example, may not be shown on the map but will appear in graphs elsewhere on the site. Users are able to search data categories and visualization layers on the map interface to locate data with zoom functionality up to county level detail.

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