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View how tourists spend their money across Spain in real time

BBVA, in conjunction with our partner Vizzuality, has been analyzing territorial dynamics based on anonymized data of credit card transactions for more than four years. Ever wonder when the French buy their food, or which places Germans flock to on their holidays? Sit back and discover the dynamics of spending in Spain.

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Insightful data analysis of spending trends and patterns from all over the world

Create an interactive map to view specific payment types, as well as visualize and analyze major effects on local commerce. MasterCard identified different spending trends based on where travelers were coming from and where they were travelling to and used CARTO's customization for telling infographics.

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Understandable visualization analysis that tells the how, when, where, and why of your data

Cash Atlas is an interactive mapping tool that uses CARTO's backend and APIs, to visually represent cash transfer programs at a global level. The data used to create this visualization was shared intra‑organizationally, from more than 500 projects, to add transparency and improve the quality of emergency cash transfers to nearly 20 million beneficiaries. You can browse data by regions, countries, organizations, and sectors.

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