Fleet Optimization

Optimize your delivery network with
Databricks & CARTO’s fleet optimization solution,
reducing fleet costs & your organization’s carbon footprint.

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Optimize fleet management using spatial data & analytics

Take on the vehicle routing problem (VRP) and reduce delivery times, decreasing fuel consumption & maintenance expenses.

Fleet optimization solution

Take advantage of the powerful computing resources of Databricks and eliminate the complexity of ETL processes. Benefit from near-limitless scalability, reliability and performance for geospatial data workloads.

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Access more than 12,000 datasets such as road traffic and weather data to enhance your constraint-based models and adapt your fleet operations based on more real-time data.
Enrich your existing data on customers, warehouses, distribution centers and vehicles to make more informed decisions based on various fleet constraints.


Additional data sources such as road traffic and weather data enrich your in-house data to help you make informed decisions based on various constraints.


Use our ready-made analytical components (such as Location Clustering and Vehicle Routing Algorithm) to accelerate the process of building your routing application.
Create dashboards of your optimized routes and performance KPIs with Builder, providing an interface that stakeholders in operations, supply chain and other business areas will be able to use in their day-to-day.

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Tailor the solution according to your specific needs – work with a ready-made app, without having to worry about the technical infrastructure.
Or use key components to develop a solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure, with a variety of front-end options.

Fleet optimization solution
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Who can benefit from Fleet Optimization?

Fleet optimization isn’t just about finding shorter routes or less routes, it’s a strategic way to deliver your orders in time while optimizing your resources.

Business Leaders

DHL and DPD lean on CARTO’s supply chain solutions to optimize their delivery networks - reducing failed deliveries & driving down drop off costs.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists from companies such as Instacart, Postmates & Delivery.com use CARTO’s platform to drive their last-mile delivery analysis.


Developers build web applications using our APIs to share the results of highly complex supply chain & routing analyses for greater delivery efficiency.

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