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CARTO is the leading cloud native analytics platform. Design and automate rapid, scalable & cost-effective analysis pipelines. See why data scientists, and analysts are making the switch.

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Why choose CARTO over Alteryx?

Fully cloud native

Connect directly to your data warehouse and run advanced analysis pipelines, with all data stored within your existing cloud data infrastructure.

Powerful no-code features

Intuitive analytics workflow design and automation features. A wealth of data prep and analysis components, so you can execute scalable cloud-native analysis, fast.

No limits on scalability

Design, execute and share data prep & analysis pipelines, natively in your cloud data warehouse. Scalability and performance, without the high cost.

CARTO vs Alteryx at a glance


The leading cloud-native spatial analytics platform.


A data science and analytics automation platform.


An integrated cloud-native analytics platform, that includes orchestrated workflows, interactive mapping, data and app development tools.


A desktop and cloud-deployed analytics platform that supports data workflows to ingest, manipulate, analyze, and output data.


Fully cloud native architecture with no limitations on multiple data warehouses. All queries are run natively on the data warehouse, and no data is stored in CARTO. 


Multiple connectors to a variety of data sources. Cloud data warehouse connections (ODBC or JDBC) require duplication of data into the Alteryx desktop or cloud platform environment.


CARTO leverages your cloud data warehouse for queries and analyses, served via a simple API layer (no ODBC or JDBC connection required). Our Analytics Toolbox runs and scales within the data warehouse, supporting analysis and visualization of billions of features.


Alteryx supports connectivity with BigQuery, Redshift and Snowflake, using legacy technologies, such as ODBC. Cloud support and data scalability is limited, handling datasets with a few thousand features.

Components & Tools

Currently 130+ individual data preparation and analysis components, and rapidly growing. Components and Workflows run natively in the cloud data warehouse environment, using Spatial SQL through our comprehensive Analytics Toolbox.


Currently 240 individual analysis components available in the desktop application, and 29 components for the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. 



CARTO's Data Observatory provides seamless access to over 12,000 public and premium datasets from a variety of vetted data providers, with global coverage.


Alteryx provides additional data packages in limited geographies, with most datasets only available for the USA.

Machine Learning & Generative AI

CARTO Workflows supports cloud native machine learning and GenAI models embedded in each data warehouse, such as BigQuery ML and VertexAI.


Machine Learning is supported in Alteryx through an add-on, with its own additional pricing structure.

Map Making Capabilities

Comprehensive cloud native Location Intelligence and mapping dashboards are available using CARTO's leading drag-and-drop Builder tool.


Mapping capabilities are available in a stand-alone application in the cloud. Limited mapping features are available in the desktop version of Alteryx.

Deployment Options

SaaS, self-hosted and hybrid deployment options are available. CARTO Self-Hosted can be deployed with Docker Compose or Kubernetes.


Alteryx Desktop is installed on your computer or server, and only runs on Windows. Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform is a SaaS cloud-hosted option.


CARTO sets out clear, all-inclusive pricing with no hidden fees, or variable costs based on "credits". Our flexible license model allows for unlimited users, and map viewers without requiring named user accounts.


Alteryx has a seat-based pricing model. Further user fees apply for key add-ons such as Location Intelligence, Machine Learning, server deployment, and data packages.


A single API layer used in all platform products. Workflows can be surfaced as an API and called to trigger workflow execution, retrieve results or ingest external data.


Calls to the Alteryx Engine via API are possible, but require knowledge of C++

Open Source

CARTO uses and contributes to several open source libraries, including deck.gl, Geoparquet, etc.


Alteryx is a closed-source product, but it can integrate with some open source tools.

Rapidly carry out spatial analysis

Data Analysts starting out in location analytics or Data Scientists creating machine-learning models can use the CARTO platform to speed up insight generation. Workflows let you design, execute and automate analytics using a visual, no-code tool. Run advanced cloud-native analysis with our comprehensive Analytics Toolbox.

Easily connect your spatial data

CARTO integrates natively with the leading cloud data platforms and analytics tools, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Databricks.

Cloud native geospatial analytics at scale

Build powerful Location Intelligence apps & visualizations

Visualization shouldn’t just be pretty maps, it should answer a business question. With CARTO, you can rapidly build Location Intelligence apps using our developer resources and templates. Our cloud native Dynamic Tiling technology provides a cost-effective and performant solution for visualizing spatial data at scale.

Access more than 12,000 geospatial datasets

Our Data Observatory makes it simple for enterprise organizations to access thousands of "always-on" public & premium datasets, enhancing their spatial analysis with data such as demographics, POIs, human mobility, financial and much more.

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