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Bring education to life with location. Whether it’s geography, history or politics - teach about the past and present with tools of the future.

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Geospatial Recreation of History

Digital Scholarship Lab visualized data points to show the retreat of the Confederate Army at Richmond. CARTO's Builder and Torque.js brings the DSL visualization to life and adds an animation component that dusts off the textbook way history is told. Use CARTO to put the story in history.

A Next Generation Atlas

DSL and Stamen created American Panorama, a modern day, interactive atlas that includes a new suite of data visualization tools for students, scholars, and researchers. Using CARTO Engine, easily create data-rich, interactive maps of change over time and space.


Monitor Academic Performance created a visualization, for the City of New York, that combines standardized test scores with school district polygons to show elementary school student performance. Educators and administrators have a seamless experience using the data-driven visualization to access and analyze test-taking achievement. The visualization is customized using CartoCSS that enhance the data layers.

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CARTO helps thousands of customers put location data at the heart of their analytics. In this demo you'll get a first-hand view of how easy it is to build and deploy powerful Location Apps.

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