Add Pop-ups to your CARTO Builder Maps


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Add Pop-ups to your CARTO Builder Maps

When working with dynamic maps they often contain an interactivity layer on top of the data which allows you to click on different geospatial features to get more details about them like: how many products are sold in a particular store how many people live at a specific location and what is the core demographic of this region. CARTO Builder's pop-up feature helps deliver these data insights as meaningful information.

Pop-ups in Builder are what we called "infowindows" --components that show you data about a particular feature-- in the Editor.

To create pop-ups in CARTO Builder you just need to go to a layer click on the pop-up tab and select the data—and the style for your pop-ups—that you'd like to use either when clicking on a feature or when hovering over them.

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Hover pop-ups are typically used to show very straightforward metadata while pop-ups that open by clicking are intended to explain metadata about the features in detail. We’ve curated some beautiful styles in Builder that will help you with most of your data and you can always go and edit the HTML of the pop-ups yourself.

Happy data analyzing!