Open Call: Insight. A Data and Design Competition


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Open Call: Insight. A Data and Design Competition

We love our community of mappers designers and data-afficionados. Which is why CartoDB is proud to announce: [Insight. A Data and Design Competition] in conjunction with Measure a Storefront for Art and Architecture exhibit in New York City!

This open [call for submissions] brings together data visualization and the built environment in contemporary culture with the goal of inspiring beautiful creative and complex works using CartoDB. Create and submit projects that merge information design and beauty into cultural and spatial insight and you could be awarded $500.00 win premium CartoDB infrastructure and have your work exhibited at Measure an exhibition by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Be sure to check out the list of participating artists you could be exhibited with!

At CartoDB we have the pleasure of seeing beautiful creative and insightful maps from our community come through our office every day. Many of those maps get the recognition and exposure they deserve in our gallery publications and as features on our blog but too often some of the most creative and impressive projects don't. We set out to find ways of elevating our map making community and teamed up with Storefront for Art and Architecture to celebrate beautifully insightful projects give away great prizes and inspire our community to create and share work around the measurable and immeasurable.


New to CartoDB? Getting started making maps and submitting projects to our competition is easy! After creating a free account checkout our common data and other data resources to make your first visualization in minutes. Our documentation pages and our CartoDB academy courses help you take maps and leverage our platfiorm to the next level.

With so many incredible and insightful projects being built by our community we wanted to share some love and give back by pitting everyone against each other in a high-stakes free for all! (Just kidding!)

Happy Data Mapping!