Learn CartoDB for free in NY, hosted by Gilt

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Gilt is an ecommerce giant with more than 1.000 employees. As a fast moving organization, they have a huge and impressive technology team. The Gilt Tech group maintains an interesting blog, and one of their initiatives is to host free classes about interesting tech topics. In the past they have hosted free clases about great open source technologies like AngularJS, Docker, Scala, Cassandra, Git, Hadoop” and now its the turn of CartoDB!

Attend the free CartoDB class hosted by Gilt to learn about:

  • Create interactive maps from CSVs
  • Map IP addresses to show trends over time
  • Publish online maps for public communication
  • Write APIs to integrate dynamic external data
  • Sync tools to build real-time maps from hosted data
  • Measure distance between points
  • Count and measure points in polygons

More details:

  • When: Wednesday, June 4 from 5-9 PM
  • Where: Gilt’s Manhattan offices
  • Cost: FREE (includes dinner)
  • Who: Gilt technologists, maybe you?

Its a free class but you have to sign up here. See you at Gilt!

Meanwhile, sign up for a free CartoDB account to start exploring our mapping possibilities.

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