Welcome Vanessa Hamer


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Welcome Vanessa Hamer

Vanessa Hamer

Say hello to our new Operations and Marketplace Director at the NYC office Vanessa Hamer!

Vanessa is a southern charmer from North Carolina with an itch for travel and adventure. Her interest in visualizing and mapping comes from her background in environmental science and sustainability and her firm belief that information is meant to be shared.

Before CartoDB Vanessa managed operations for a city planning non-profit and a software startup and she spent this past summer traveling the world. Her journey took Vanessa across 7 different countries including Thailand and Guatemala as well as 10 different US States!

Vanessa's first experience with maps was planning family road trips as a kid using colored pencils to trace the routes on large paper Michelin maps. She's really bad at properly folding paper maps though. Her excitement for making information and analysis tools more widely accessible is what brought her to CartoDB. She hopes to use our Developer Program and upcoming Marketplace as a launchpad that helps get as many people as possible making and using maps!

Welcome Vanessa!