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Tackle the most important CPG decisions using spatial analytics

Whether you’re launching a new brand category, analyzing merchant performance or optimizing your sales territories, CARTO for CPG unifies your own 1st party data with powerful external sources and unlocks a complete spatial analytics toolbox, natively in the cloud.
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A Fully Cloud Native Platform

CARTO for CPG integrates seamlessly with the leading cloud data platforms, including BigQuery Snowflake, Redshift and Databricks.

Run advanced point of sale analytics quickly, and eliminate any limits on scalability using our cloud native platform.


Map Visualizations, Analysis & Dashboards

Using CARTO Builder create interactive map visualizations and analyses to understand your network of merchants, distributors and retailers. Monitor category performance, identify market expansion opportunities and carry out territory planning based on the most up-to-date data. Share insights easily with decision-makers to respond rapidly to market dynamics.

Access Thousands of Spatial Datasets

Ingest merchant and consumer location data, and enhance with 3rd party spatial data streams from our Data Observatory. Thousands of demographic, points of interest, behavioral, consumer sentiment and human mobility datasets that bring added layers of insight to better understand brand performance and market expansion opportunities.

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Our Analytics Toolbox brings advanced spatial analytics natively in the cloud for the most common CPG use cases. Using simple SQL, drive merchant analysis, customer segmentation and route to market assessments using clustering, commercial hotspots, trade area and POS similarity analysis.

CPG-specific Spatial Apps

CARTO for CPG offers an out-of-the-box application for Customer Segmentation, accessed through a unified workspace. The solution includes data, advanced visualization and embedded models so you can segment trade partners, pin-point the best locations for brand expansion, and surface the best points of sale to launch new categories. CARTO for CPG also provides a full suite of APIs and developer frameworks to build your own web-based spatial applications.

Try out CARTO for CPG today!