Integrated Location Intelligence to drive key climate resilience decisions

CARTO for Climate Insights combines agency infrastructure information, earth observation and 3rd party spatial data to unlock a complete spatial analytics toolkit. Predict climate-related risks affecting the built environment, provide context and drive more informed infrastructure decisions across government departments.
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Built for Google Cloud

CARTO for Climate Insights has been developed natively to Google Cloud and seamlessly integrates with BigQuery. Government agencies can easily ingest key spatial datasets and unique earth observation data from Google Earth Engine. With the CARTO Spatial Extension for BigQuery, decision-makers can run advanced spatial analytics at scale, to understand the real impacts of climate change on the built assets they manage.

Unlock Advanced Map Visualization

Create insightful map visualizations to understand the infrastructure risks due to erosion, heat, flooding, fire, drought, extreme weather episodes and more. Share the results of your analysis with stakeholders across agencies for quicker, more coordinated responses to climate-related events. Create public interactive visualizations on climate risks, infrastructure investments and ongoing maintenance to keep citizens informed.

Access Thousands of Spatial Datasets

Combine your infrastructure asset information with 3rd party data sources on climate-related risks, weather, earth observation data, road traffic and citizen demographics to build a complete picture of the current and future risks affecting roads, coastal areas, buildings, industrial facilities and essential energy supply assets. The CARTO Data Observatory opens up your analysis to more than 11,000 public and premium spatial datasets.

Guide Strategy with Spatial Analytics

Our Analytics Toolbox brings advanced spatial analytics, natively to BigQuery. Run powerful climate impact analytics and calculate the future risk to infrastructure networks. Use these insights to guide investments, prioritize maintenance and respond rapidly to catastrophes caused by extreme weather events.

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