It’s All About /Me (We mean you ☺)


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
It’s All About /Me (We mean you ☺)

At CartoDB we listen to what our users need and want. We are constantly brainstorming and coming up with new ideas but it is always the very best in user experience that we hope to deliver. This month we’ve launched two brand new sections on our website: [Explore] and /me!

CartoDB Explore

Visit [Explore] to see the top trendy maps of the day. The new explore section allows users to browse the most popular public CartoDB data-driven visualizations. Now you can see the top 10 maps from all CartoDB users based on three criteria: likes views and date. You can also filter your list by “maps” “datasets” or “maps and datasets”! Additionally you can order visualizations by most ‘likes’ and views.

The “map of the moment” will be displayed as the top page banner. And of course to see even more data-driven visualizations select ‘view more’.

Start creating data-driven visualizations and maybe yours will be a “map of the moment”!

But before you start taking your visualizations to the top of the data mapping charts customize and track your profile activity.

Take a look at CartoDB's co-founder Sergio Álvarez's profile. He's included information like: twitter handle email address and how long he's been a CartoDB member. Pretty nifty right?

Sergio profile

To customize your profile and make it even cooler than Sergio's you only need to click on your avatar go through your account settings and change your profile information. Update your:

  • Avatar
  • Name
  • Website
  • Location
  • Description
  • Twitter Username
  • Disqus Shortname
  • Hire Availability

…to make CartoDB truly yours.


Follow these steps and start getting even more out of CartoDB. And of course continue enjoying what you love most about CartoDB. To learn about these and all the other developments and features at CartoDB [sign up] for one of our webinars!

Happy data mapping!