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New Academy Lesson: Torque.js

The Map Academy, our repository of long form lessons on important skills in CartoDB, has a new lesson on using Torque.js. The interactive map above is the end product of this Map Academy lesson. Torque is CartoDB’s technology that allows you to make animated maps. It is an open source JavaScript library that you can use through CartoDB.js.

Check out the new lesson on Torque.js, the fourth in our series on CartoDB.js.

By the way, did you notice that we also put up a new lesson on PostGIS in CartoDB recently? If not, head over to it to learn about geospatial buffers, making lines, intersections, and much more! We also have more lessons on beginner cartography in CartoDB as well as Map Design.

Want to learn something in CartoDB but don’t have the resources? Leave some suggestions in the Map Academy repo, or send me a Tweet!

Happy Mapping!!

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Andy Eschbacher

Andy Eschbacher is a data scientist at CARTO, where he integrates data science solutions into CARTO's infrastructure, solves spatial data science problems for clients, and builds out tools to better enable people working at the intersection of data science and GIS.

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