From our data library to your map in a single click


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
From our data library to your map in a single click

You've surely noticed that we've redone some parts of the web app to support some of our new features so that creating maps is now easier faster and more straightforward than ever. As part of these improvements we've rebuilt the way you are able to add layers to your maps.

Add layers

Things like the search box the option to look for layers that have been shared with you (if you are part of an organization with an Enterprise account) and access to the data library from the new modal windows will help you a lot when adding new layers. There is no better way to give context to your data than by combining it with extra information.

What can I find in the data library?

Our Data Library contains more than 120 datasets organized in different categories. From census or administrative data to buildings’ footprints or elevation models of some cities around the world. All these datasets are open data and already available for you to use it in your maps with no extra cost.

We add more datasets each week so remember to check it our next time you login to your CartoDB account.

Happy data mapping!