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Discover the Power of Big Data for Business Intelligence

Data velocity, variety, and volume are growing every second as more and more systems, from satellites, drones, to mobile devices, are designed for data gathering. We call this massive accumulation of data, Big Data. How we come to understand this collection of data can no longer be dependent on traditional forms of data analysis.

Through data-driven visualization, CartoDB’s big data application offers insights into your business intelligence that brings to the surface information once buried deep in spreadsheets and CSV files. Big data analysis and visualization with CartoDB is more than spatial analytics or GIS alone, it is the capability to filter and drill-down spatial data to identify and analyze trends and patterns from the big picture to the paint speck. That is the true power of location intelligence.

See how companies across a range of industries: finance, real estate, marketing, and operational logistics, among others, can make use of location intelligence and big data analytic technology to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Read our white paper that enables you to extract business value from big data:

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Gain an understanding of just how important big data analysis is for your bottom line and learn how you can leverage your new insights into actionable decision making.

Stay on the lookout for our Big Data webinar, where we will demonstrate how to manage your massive quantities of data with CartoDB technology.

Happy big data mapping!

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