Around the Asian and Australian Continents in 30 Days


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Around the Asian and Australian Continents in 30 Days

We all know that September is the “back to school” month  and for us at CARTO it’s also the time when we begin traveling around the world! So it’s with great excitement that we would like to share the details of Fernando Carrasco’s journey around Asia and Australia. Our newest hire on the Partners team will be visiting various countries around these continents for a month full of events and meetings to foster CARTO partner relationships in Asia-Pacific.

His mission is to engage with the international CARTO community and our partners network  as well as with new potential partners who wish to develop projects with location data and geospatial intelligence.
Here are some more details on the places and events Fernando will be visiting:

If you would like to talk to us and learn about CARTO  or participate at any of the events  please feel free to email Fernando to find a time to meet.

We are tremendously looking forward to expanding our APAC presence and really hope to see you all there  so don’t forget to set up your meeting today  and stay tuned for more upcoming trips to the region!