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Why CARTO and Mastercard are collaborating to deliver Location Intelligence solutions

Location Intelligence

It’s no secret that the retail and real estate industries have been disrupted over the past decade. Traditional Retailers are learning to co-exist with ecommerce giants and satisfy the demands of the “I want it now” consumer, while real estate companies are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way both individuals and organizations use, rent and buy property in an era of flexible workspace and short-term leases.

Navigating this on-and-offline landscape requires intelligence based dynamic information streams, and today we’re excited to announce our latest venture with Mastercard to bring the power of location intelligence to a range of industries, like banks, governments, retail and real estate companies.

Mastercard Retail Location Insights is designed to help businesses:

  1. Measure the sales-based performance of a retail location by using anonymized and aggregated Mastercard transaction information.

  2. Provide insights to help industry professionals validate, evaluate and benchmark retail locations throughout the United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

The solution provides insights into the performance of total monthly sales, average ticket size, total number of transactions, performance stability and growth over time. Combined with the intelligence of CARTO’s platform, this enables industries to answer their most challenging questions, including:

  • How will nearby transit construction impact retail activity for merchants in a specific area?
  • Where are community development projects showing an economic impact?
  • What store format will perform in an area best given foot traffic and nearby merchants?
  • What economic impact will a new merchant have in a certain area?

In short, the shared power and insights of CARTO and Mastercard helps organizations better understand spending trends geographically over time, which in turn, directly impact business decisions and day-to-day activities.

We’re extremely excited to be working with Mastercard to bring greater location-driven value to our customers.

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About the author
About the author

Flo is VP Strategic Solutions & Data at CARTO, making her responsible for the company’s data and solutions strategy. Leading a team of Data Scientists, Product Managers and Marketers, she ensures that the CARTO platform has best-in-class data streams to support key enterprise use cases.
Prior to joining CARTO, Flo was Global Head of Marketing and Communications for LUCA, Telefónica’s specialist Big Data unit.

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