Meetup for CartoCamp!


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Meetup for CartoCamp!
CartoCamp Meetup

I remember this one time at band camp it seemed things were going so well. It was a wet hot good ol' American summer. Possibly the only thing missing was a proper web mapping class appropriately scheduled after friendship bracelet making class.

So in the spirit of awesome summer camps last week we held CartoCamp Edu a day full of discussions presentations and workshops in collaboration with talented educators to think through the uses of web mapping in the classroom.

The event was such a success that we thought we'd bring you a [CartoCamp Meetup]! Similiar to CartoCamp Edu but more varied if focus. There will be Map Academy lessons in person open hours for people to come in and get map help and surprises along the way. Come in and ask questions or get help on making web maps.

Benefit from a large and active community of builders and innovators while learning new generation web mapping skills. Use the latest in geospatial technology and build a great portfolio in the process.

[Join CartoCamp Today] and come in on August 28 to CartoDB's Brooklyn headquarters to have a coffee and talk maps.