Come talk about data visualization and APIs with CartoDB, Kimono Labs, Stamen, and BBVA


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Come talk about data visualization and APIs with CartoDB, Kimono Labs, Stamen, and BBVA


We live in exciting times when it comes to working with data and creating useful products for citizens and organizations. The open data trend keeps growing solidly: public administrations and organizations all over the world keep pushing the boundaries with really good opening projects. On the tools front simpler and more powerful APIs and tools keep popping up ensuring that increasingly more people capture and process huge quantities of data analyze it and have better communication.

To talk about all this we have set up a series of events by joining together with some friends that represent these emerging trends very well and who have very interesting stories to share:

  • Kimono Labs: creates APIs from standard websites. A magical window to automate data gathering. Start APIfying now.
  • Stamen: the best data visualization studio out there? Not many introductions are needed.
  • BBVA: one of the first banks creating data APIs to access customer information. Private open data pioneers. They will be presenting the InnovaChallenge contest.
  • CartoDB: yours truly. We'll be showcasing some of our latest developments and map projects.

Expect short presentations by each and an open dialague about APIs data visualization and maps.

When and where

Hosted by our friends at General Assembly:

New York November 4th @ 6 p.m. local time at General Assemply NY · Register for free

San Francisco November 6th @ 6 p.m. local time at General Assembly SF · Register for free