CartoDB status


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CartoDB status

This has been a crazy week for CartoDB. We presented the platform at last FOSS4G in Denver and since then the response from users had been great.

So there are some things we want to talk about now that we have so many people looking at us.

1. Invitations.

We got a lot of invitations requests  thanks everybody for the interest!. We are giving new accounts slowly as we handle bugs and scalability of the shared hosting. We wish we could give now an invitation to everybody  but we have to move carefully. With that being said  if you really feel like helping us on debugging right away  contact us at and we can talk.

2. CartoDB is Open Source but the source code is still not available.

Yes! Sorry. The main thing that is keeping us from opening the GitHub project is ticket management. We have been using Basecamp internally to handle the development  and now we are in the process of moving all tickets and issues to GitHub. Of course we also need to spend a bit of time on documentation to help to install it. Our target day for release is next Friday. It will be released under a BSD License.

3. We have a new support site

We want to be as open as possible on handling feedback and issues. We have enabled a support site at We havent finished customizing the look but we are working on it. And some great beta testers are helping us already submitting issues and ideas.

4. We have some screencasts!

If you want to check what can CartoDB do we are starting to record some screencasts that highlight the different functionalities. We will be adding more to the Vimeo Channel and if there is something you think we should highlight  lets us know!

Of course we are always available at  at and in Twitter at @cartodb