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Last weekend we participated in the Science Hack Day. This 24-hour marathon event brings together “software developers, designers, scientists, web enthusiasts, educators, and anyone with a passion for making cool things”. It started in London back in 2007 and this time it was held in Chicago.

All participants gathered at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum -an awesome place, totally inspiring. Participants spent the night hacking on the planetarium and they let us played with the most advanced planetarium theater in the world.

We were part of a team working on an app called Geo Stats that allows users to upload their location data from OpenPaths and analyze it. By looking at where you have been the app detects how you travel and where you travel.

The app gives you a full report of your geo stats with some curious units, like the total distance you have traveled in “whales”, or the time you have lost due to the effect on general relativity. Additionally, it calculates the flights that you have taken and calculate the Carbon Footprint of those flights, very shocking by the way.

You can try it and check an example here: The app uses CartoDB to store and analyze the data, of course ;)

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