Build Connections through GROW.LONDON


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Build Connections through GROW.LONDON

Explore all the varying possibilities of London business infrastructure with GROW.LONDON a geographic visualization tool developed to help businesses and investors identify key areas to invest in grow and expand in the London metropolitan area. Using the power of CARTO GROW.LONDON is mapping toward a global urban future where knowledge of diversifying business analytics helps make better decisions and better cities. By visualizing different sets of data using CARTO's platform it's possible to make accurate business predictions that will likely frame the landscape and competition of an ever enterprising city.

"The GROW.LONDON project had a set of complex requirements. One of them was the capability to easily update some of the maps. In a typical scenario we would have had to create a complex and expensive back-end interface; with CARTO however this possibility comes right out of the box and allows us to readily manipulate data on hover and on click. Our client can use the built-in user interface to update and test the data for all the maps in the project." Manuel Timita.

Launched by JLL and London & Partners GROW.LONDON is a fully interactive online platform that provides a new axis of data and insights about key location and business decision-making factors. The Map London tool on their website allows businesses to explore tube rail air connectivity and Crossrail commute time improvements. Additionally CARTO's easy to use cloud-based GIS solution allows for beautiful and clear representations of London’s neighborhoods and districts. By creating mapping visualizations a business can measure population growth economic output housing prices emerging market clusters and a timeline of developments can all be tracked across London.

"GROW.LONDON visualizations created with CARTO allow our businesses to unlock the potential opportunities that a city like London offers. CARTO’s versatility (multi platform) and ease of use makes it the perfect technology for our audience". Nacho Moreno GIS Analyst at JLL.

Discover how London's urban landscape is changing and how this will impact your business decisions. Explore a visualization of London's current residential markets and annual price change. The possibilities are endless with CARTO’s innovative geo-spatial mapping Platform and Editor.

London's expanding population and economy needs world class infrastructure. These interactive maps show the extensive existing city development networks as well as planned and prospective infrastructure projects which will support London's future competitiveness.