Insight Competition Judges Announced!


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Insight Competition Judges Announced!

As our first ever [data and design competition] ramps up we at CartoDB and Storefront for Art and Architecture are working hard to make both the competition and the Measure exhibit a big success with our all-star panel of competition judges!

In case you've been under a rock the past week CartoDB in conjunction with Measure a Storefront for Art and Architecture exhibit in New York City announced Insight: A Data and Design Competition. This open [call for submissions] brings together data visualization and the built environment in contemporary culture with the goal of inspiring beautiful creative and complex works using CartoDB.

In constructing our competition judges panel we wanted to bring together great minds from across various technical data stories and design professions. Take a look at our all-star panel:

  • Chrys Wu wears many hats including developer advocate at The New York Times and one of the original founders and local organizers of Hacks/Hackers.

  • Alan McConchie is a Design Technologist at Stamen Design. He is also a PhD candidate studying OpenStreetMap and the social dynamics of crowdsourced map making. Alan also runs the geowebchat monthly Twitter conversation about all things maps and geo.

  • Nadja Popovich is an interactive journalist at The Guardian - US where she writes and makes graphics with a focus on health science and politics. Her work maps data in creative but not always cartographic ways: tracking the trajectory of cultural and social experience or characterizing how our circumstance and surroundings map to us as humans.

  • Simon Rogers is a data journalist writer and speaker currently working as the data editor on the Trends team at Google and teaching at Berkeley. Previous to his current positions Simon created the data blog and worked at Twitter.

  • Eva Franch is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of Storefront for Art and Architecture. In 2014 Franch was selected along with Storefront and a curatorial and design team to curate the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale presenting a project called OfficeUS. As an architect and public intellectual Franch has taught at many institutions and lectures frequently across the world. She is interested in the importance of alternative practices in the construction and understanding of public life.


What a lineup! If you haven't done so already checkout the [competition criteria] and submit your cultural and spatial insight projects. You could be awarded $500.00 win premium CartoDB infrastructure and have your work exhibited at Measure an exhibition by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Be sure to check out the list of participating artists you could be exhibited with!

Good luck!

Happy Data Mapping!