Introducing Santiago Giraldo Anduaga

Santiago Giraldo Anduaga

Please give a hearty welcome to Santiago.

He’s the newest member to the CartoDB team. Coming from a background as diverse as his interests, he will be using his skills to make maps that peel away the layers of our complex world with the goal of thinking about space, realities, and the potential maps have for many different user groups.

Santiago’s first interaction with a map was one of the city-street map rugs that children use for their toy cars. Since then, maps have continued to fascinate and inform Santiago. He will use his many skills to make a lot of maps: maps of utility, maps of in-the-news items, maps that tell stories, maps to foster civil engagement, and many more. He’s excited to bring his knowledge of GIS to web-based mapping because it is “mapping for the masses.” Santiago will also create new tutorials to educate the world on using CartoDB and engage with the mapping community.

While not snowboarding and dreaming of maps, you’ll find Santiago at Parsons School of Design, where he is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Design and Urban Ecologies, a degree that matches his cross-disciplinary interests and goals with data storytelling at CartoDB.

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