Large Number of Points on Mobile Map


Efficiently render thousands of data points on your maps using our Mobile SDK. Overcome visual overload and technical challenges with our solutions.

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Large Number of Points on Mobile Map


Large number of points on mobile map


Lately we've been talking a lot about vector maps and how to better utilize the capabilities of our Mobile SDK when rendering your maps for your devices.

A question that is often asked is  how can you add thousands or even millions of points to your map. Visualizing this many data points can pose some specific challenges. For example  if you add them to a VectorLayer  via in-memory LocalVectorDataSource  the results can appear like this:

vector layer points


There are several issues with this technique. You'll notice the visual overloading of the map  in addition to technical memory and speed issues. You may even end up with crashing and "Out-of-Memory" situations.

Fortunately  we have not just one but several ways to resolve these challenges!

P.S. These and many other Mobile SDK features will be shown in a webinar on June 29.

Happy mobile data mapping!