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Food for Wisdom: CartoChat Lunches at CartoDB Madrid.

CartoDB team during a talk

Here at CartoDB we love connecting the dots, knowing a little (or a lot) about almost anything, and getting to know more about things that empower us to think outside the box—so much so that we’re organizing a complete lunchtime event for it. CartoDB Madrid is pleased to announce CartoChat Lunches every other Friday at the Madrid office of CartoDB, beginning Friday, May 8th.

Since the very beginning, many of our friends have come by the office to tell us about what they do. From nano satellites to humanitarian responses, from entrepreneurship to continuous integration workflows, we've heard dozens of inspiring stories.

CartoChat Lunches are a series of informal talks where we invite you to have lunch with us, and you give a short talk about your personal passion or professional specialty. Prepare some slides—or not—and come chat with us! We’ll be sending out individual invitations to people we already have on our radar, but please feel free to write to us if you’re not yet on it.

See you soon!

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Sergio Álvarez

Sergio has spent years bridging the designer-developer divide and making products to improve the way that decisions are made. He has a background in computer science and currently researches data visualization, information design, and interface design with a special focus on data interaction.
In 2009, Sergio co-founded Vizzuality, a company dedicated to visualization, analysis, and cloud-based services for large amounts of data, with offices in Madrid and New York.

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