Mapping Your Salesforce Data: CARTO in Einstein Analytics


CARTO's Salesforce Lightning app component works seamlessly with Salesforce, integrating complete mapping capabilities with Einstein Analytics Dashboards

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Mapping Your Salesforce Data: CARTO in Einstein Analytics

With nearly 20% of the world's total CRM market share and the ability to call 80% of all Fortune 500s customers Salesforce is the engine powering a dramatically significant portion of global business and commerce. Launched back in 2017 Einstein Analytics was developed by Salesforce to bring AI-powered data analysis to their millions of CRM users.

CARTO in Salesforce Einstein Analytics

While Einstein Analytics is an effective tool for automatically bringing predictive insights and analysis to the forefront for sales reps and business analysts it doesn't have built -in functionality to map location data directly within your Einstein dashboard.

It is for this reason that we are excited to share CARTO's Salesforce Lightning app component. Working seamlessly with your Salesforce and Einstein dashboards this integration brings full mapping capabilities. Now Salesforce admins and users can visualize full location datasets or a single record and add additional context with external layers with no coding necessary.

CARTO - Salesforce Connection Features

  1. Full mapping capabilities allowing Salesforce users to drill down to the street level for latitude/longitude or polygon data.

Granular data view
  1. This integration Implements the latest Lightning Web Component technology so no coding is needed for embedding CARTO maps.
  2. Users have the capacity to visualize hundreds of thousands of points with effective cartography.
  3. Integrated maps allow for filtering in the map using viewport filtering or by bounding box filtering.
  4. Data points can be styled with full cartographic capabilities bubbles choropleths and much more using CARTO VL.

Full Cartographic Capabilities
  1. Extra layers of information can be added from CARTO Builder or third party sources enabling users to add additional context to their data and analysis on the fly.
  2. CARTO's Positron Dark Matter and Satellite basemaps are enabled.

Multiple basemaps enabled
  1. Infowindows can be utilized to provide more in depth detail for every visualized record.
  2. CARTO maps can be embedded into detail pages homepages or anywhere else you can add lightning components.
  3. This functionality is available for bundling for Salesforce ISV partners.

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