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WordPress now brings you beautiful maps from CartoDB

CartoDB is now the easiest tool on the web for adding maps to your WordPress site. With over 60 million users, we wanted to make sure they had the ability to share maps with their stories and on their websites. So with some help from our friends at, it is now as simple as cut & paste.

If you are a WordPress user looking for adding a custom map to your webpage, skim through the CartoDB tutorials to get started. If you haven’t made a map before, head over to the Map Academy to become a pro in under an hour.

If you are a CartoDB user and want to build a website to share your maps, WordPress is now a great option for you. With their awesome publishing and customization tools, you can make a webpage that you will love.

Through the same effort, it will soon be possible to add CartoDB maps to your self-hosted via Jetpack.

Let the WordPress mapping begin!

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Andrew Hill

Formerly head of Research & Data at CARTO, Andrew now serves as CARTO’s Scientific Advisor.

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