CartoDB support at Stack Exchange, providing better community support

For a while now, members of the CartoDB team have been following CartoDB related questions over on StackExchange. Already, we are starting to see some great questions and we are also seeing a good amount of community driven conversation. We think the StackExchange format has a lot more to offer our community, so we are officially starting to shift our free support questions to the GIS StackExchange site.


We hope that using StackExchange will help us build a more complete and up-to-date community support resource and ultimately improve your experience with CartoDB. This move away from Google Groups feels natural, we love Stack Exchange and many of us are long time users. Like millions of other developers, we see StackExchange as an invaluable resource for finding answers to our technical questions. The ability to discover existing solutions to your problems is far superior and we think you’ll love it.

You’ll be able to find and add to the many existing questions at the GIS StackExchange, just be sure to use the tag, ‘CartoDB’, so we can all find them and make sure we get you answers. It’s as simple as that. Of course, we still have some very helpful Documentation and Tutorials for you to use. And if you still want dedicated support, don’t worry it isn’t going anywhere and still comes with all paid accounts.

You can easily subscribe to the CartoDB tag and receive new posts by email:

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