Geographica Takes Flight with CartoDB for Data Insights


Discover the world's busiest airports with Geographica's interactive map on CARTO. Explore flight routes and passenger numbers for insightful data mapping.

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Geographica Takes Flight with CartoDB for Data Insights
Flight Routes

What’s the busiest airport in the United States? That simple question led

Flight routes isn’t the only data displayed. This interactive map allows you to view the 50 busiest airports in the world  and the number of passengers.

We sat down with Geographica to find out more about this amazing project and why CARTO worked for them.

Why did you embark on this mission?

After a casual discussion about which airport was the busiest  our curiosity piqued. After some research  it was determined that Atlanta was the busiest. We were amazed but even more curious. We started asking even more questions like: Why Atlanta? How are other countries similar? How many flight routes are there from Asia to Europe?

Why did you choose CARTO?

It really came down to three reasons:

One of our favorite things about the Geographica’s flight route tracker is the level of analysis it incorporates. This project allows viewers to consider modern issues that might affect traditional flight patterns.


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Happy data mapping!