If you have been following the development of Torque you might already know that we have been working hard to bring it to all our users directly in the CARTO user interface. Well, today is the day! We have released the first version of the tool to all our users, try it out now!

Torque is an efficient, fast, and styleable rendering method to bring your data to life. By using the the Torque visualizations you can animate your data directly on an interactive map. Just like your point maps and choropleths, now you can see how your data has grown, moved, or changed over time and space.

To see how we made the make, check out the how-to video!

We have been developing the library for close to a year now and were not completely done yet. However, with today’s release, you can already start making maps like the one below. A map of CARTO user sign-ups over the past two and a half months.

We presented this functionality on StrataConf London and Sergio, one of the CARTO co-founders, will be also demoing it next week at http://www.smartcityexpo.com while explaining how maps can improve cities.

We think this is a really exciting step forward for maps online and we are glad that all our users can now be part of it. Keep making cool maps and be sure to share them with us in Twitter.