PGCon: The-most-advanced-database-in-the-world Conference


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PGCon: The-most-advanced-database-in-the-world Conference
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Did you know that CartoDB runs atop PostgreSQL the most advanced database in the world? Which also happens to be open source? And the fastest growing database in the market?

We actually contribute extensively to our favorite extension of it PostGIS.

A lot of what is possible in CartoDB is thanks to this flexibility and extensibility of PostgreSQL. (And it still amazes us all the cool things that can be done in just good old plain SQL (size sorting distance queries or digging into data).

PostgreSQL has some of the most advanced and replicated technologies with extremely powerful extensions and analysis SQL. But even more importantly for us at CartoDB with PostGIS PostgreSQL offers exceptional geospatial support. PostGIS performs better and with superior functionalities than Oracle MongoDB SQL Server and well any other database out there. And the fact that PostGIS is just an extension to PostgreSQL demonstrates how extensible and powerful that database is.

Every year the PostgreSQL community gathers together to discuss the future of our favorite database and share ideas. This event is called PGCon and it happens in Ottawa this week! Our CEO Javier de la Torre will be there to hear from others and share some of CartoDB’s experiences.

Or if you ever want to talk about maps and PostGIS in general please ping us. We’d love to show you CartoDB talk about maps with millions of records hosted PostgreSQL services etc.

But hopefully — see you in Ottawa!