Sneak Preview: CARTO Locations Madrid


Find out what's in store during our upcoming Location Intelligence Summit in Madrid, Spain starting April 19th

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Sneak Preview: CARTO Locations Madrid

With just two weeks to go until CARTO Locations Madrid we’re excited to share details on what you can expect at our upcoming summit!

We have 33 speakers lined up for two days to present the latest industry trends technology innovations and use cases in Location Intelligence.

  • Javier de la Torre will kick off Locations by sharing CARTO’s perspective on the present and future of location data and analysis.
  • Mamata Akella will discuss cartography’s past present and future.
  • Stuart Lynn will train attendees for a black belt in spatial analytics.

External presentations will showcase Location Intelligence in action from speakers including:

  • David Weis from Mastercard who will demonstrate how Location Intelligence plays a key role in the financial services industry.
  • Paula Juliá from Geographica who will share best practices for building location-centric applications for various use cases.
  • Juan Jose Casado from Sanitas who will present a case study on working with Location Intelligence in the healthcare industry.

Below find out more about what’s in store for CARTO Locations Madrid. And if you still haven’t registered:

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What’s new at this year’s CARTO Locations Madrid

A central theme across many of this year’s presentations will focus on the new LI stack. Over the last few months we have announced strategic partnerships enabling more points of integration between different open-source platforms and during Locations attendees will get a glimpse of the new product offerings new types of analysis and new data streams power behind our latest Location Intelligence solutions.

Exciting announcements to keep an eye out for during CARTO Locations Madrid will include:

  • New developer resources for building custom apps on top of Engine
  • New LI solutions across several industries including FinTech commercial real-estate planning and traffic management
  • New libraries for customer-centric UX design

Speaking of designing LI apps with customers in mind…

CARTO Locations Madrid will spotlight customers solving real-world problems

This year’s summit will feature even more case studies and lightning talks from our clients and customers who have been able to solve problems thanks to Location Intelligence. Attendees can look forward to learning about:

Implementing more efficient management with new data streams in smart cities around the world

Mexico City
Measuring food insecurity problems in developing countries with location data

Advancing environmental conservation projects using Location Intelligence


What’s next

Make sure to follow #CARTOLocations on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest Location Intelligence announcements before during and after our summit. And if you can’t make it to Madrid this month then make sure to attend our CARTO Locations New York event starting May 23rd!

Don’t miss one of our two CARTO Locations conferences in 2018! Learn more at our conference website: CARTO Locations 2018