Location Intelligence conferences to attend this spring


Don’t miss these spring conferences to learn the latest in all things Location Intelligence

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Location Intelligence conferences to attend this spring

Whether you’re a data scientist developer analyst spatial professional or a geospatial enthusiast there’s a Location Intelligence conference that’s right for you!

Catch a sneak peak of CARTO Locations our upcoming Location Intelligence Summit in Madrid in this recent post

Here are some of the best conferences around the world to attend this spring highlighting the latest advances and applications of location intelligence to everyday problems.

Read on and get ready to spend your professional development dollars wisely.

GeoSmart Asia and Locate 2018

April 9-11 2018 in Adelaide Australia
GeoSmart Asia and Locate are teaming up to provide a platform for discussion of geospatial technologies and their applications. Theprogram offers many sessions of interest on location intelligence.

American Association of Geographers 2018

April 10-14 2018 in New Orleans LA
This conference joins geographers GIS specialists environmental scientist and other leaders for workshops and sessions that address the latest research and applications in geography sustainability and GIScience. Take a look at the conference program here.

Data Visualization Summit

April 12-13 2018 in San Francisco CA
This summit provides a platform to learn more about breaking down and visualizing open data. It also runs concurrently with the Big Data Innovative Summit so there are many networking opportunities.

CARTO Locations

April 19-20 2018 in Madrid Spain
Our own CARTO Locations is a two-day summit in Madrid exploring the world of location intelligence. The summit features speakers and panel leaders from the fields of analytics data visualization geospatial analysis and data science.

GEOINT Symposium 2018

April 22-25 2018 in Tampa Florida
Don’t miss this annual event from the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation which is one of the largest gatherings of private industry academia government and professional organizations each year. This year’s theme will explore “driving data to decisions and actions.”

Enterprise Data World

April 22-27 2018 in San Diego CA
This six-day conference begins with in-depth tutorials then continues with presentations and sessions with industry experts and closes with a two-day workshop. Take a look at the program which includes sessions on big data and data science.

The MidAmerica GIS Consortium: Magic 2018

April 23-26 2018 in Omaha NE
This regional educational geospatial conference gathers industry academic and government professionals. The detailed program is still being finalized but sessions will include topics of interest related to LI such as cartography data visualization and GIS management.

EnerGIS 2018

April 26-27 2018 in Canonsburg PA
This conference offers a great opportunity for GIS and geospatial professionals to discuss current industry trends and challenges related to energy.

2018 Center for Geographic Analysis Conference: Illuminating Space and Time in Data Science

April 26-27 2018 in Boston MA
This conference assembles data and geographic information scientists to look at how big data with time and space signatures can help us better understand our world and its challenges. You can view the full program schedule here which includes sessions on the practical and theoretical opportunities of data science.

Data Science Salon: Dallas

April 26-27 2018 in Dallas TX
The smaller more intimate environment of this two-day conference allows for opportunity to attend workshops and network with data science professionals sharing best practices and innovative solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Conference: New York City

April 29-May 2 2018 in New York NY
This conference promises to deliver both depth and breadth in technical content with specific focus on AI development for business. More information on big data and data science sessions can be found here.

Collision: binate.io

April 30-May 3 2018 in New Orleans LA
The binate.io conference aims to connect data scientists analysts hackers and engineers under one roof. It is also a part of the massive Collision Conference which boasts over 25 000 attendees from 120+ counties.


May 1-4 2018 in Boston MA
ODSC conference delivers practical hands-on skills in workshops and training sessions on data science data visualization and their applications. With over 12 daily tracks those interested in location intelligence will find many sessions relevant.

FIG 2018

May 6-11 2018 in Istanbul Turkey
With a theme of "Embracing our smart world where the continents connect: enhancing the geospatial maturity of societies " FIG 2018 convenes professionals from around the world. You can see sessions and plenary talks on spatial planning and spatial information management here.

Don’t miss one of our two CARTO Locations conferences in 2018! Learn more at our conference website: CARTO Locations 2018

Smart Cities Week: California

May 7-9 2018 in Santa Clara CA
Smart Cities Week brings together city leaders technologists and innovators interested in cutting edge technology for professionals in the smart city industry.

ISPRS-TC3 Symposium

May 7-10 2018 in Beijing China
This international conference provides an inter-disciplinary platform for practitioners scholars and industry experts. Although the program hasn’t been finalized ISPRS has published working group sessions which cover topics such as remote sensing and mapping as well as global mapping.

FOSS4G North America

May 14-16 2018 in St. Louis MO
FOSS4G offers workshops that bring together developers users decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation. Sessions on geospatial analysis GIS mapping and data visualization make this a productive conference for LI professionals.

TRELIS Madison 2018

May 19-21 2018 in Madison WI
This conference is designed for female geospatial scientists working in higher education. Sessions will focus on career trajectories and leadership mentoring and coaching communication and language dealing with obstacles and work-life balance.

Strata Data Conference: London

May 21-24 2018 in London UK
The general theme of this conference is "make big data work" to reimagine the future. See the program for sessions that would appeal to LI interests including those on map matching geospatial applications and data science.

WAURISA 2018 GIS Conference

May 21-24 2018 in Olympia WA
This regional conference offers workshops and sessions for geospatial and information technologies professionals who want to solve problems in state regional and local government. Offering sessions on cartography data science and analysis GIS and visualization the program can be viewed here.

GEO Business 2018

May 22-23 2018 in London UK
UK’s largest geospatial exhibition and conference GEO Business promises to celebrate challenge and develop the role of geospatial analysis plays within the digital revolution. While it is too early for the 2018 program you can view the 2017 conference program here.

CARTO Locations

May 23-24 2018 in New York USA
Our own CARTO Locations is a two-day summit in New York City exploring the world of location intelligence. The summit features speakers and panel leaders from the fields of analytics data visualization geospatial analysis and data science.


May 30-31 2018 in New York USA
Mapbox hosts their first developer conference this spring include keynotes from their team and other location data leaders as well as labs and workshops to help troubleshoot Mapbox projects.

MLConf: The Machine Learning Conference

May 2017 to November 2018 multiple locations
The Machine Learning Conference takes place at different locations throughout the year including Atlanta New York San Francisco and Seattle. While the schedule for some locations has not been posted you can view details from the most recent one in San Francisco to learn how LI typically plays a part.

OpenExpo Europe

June 6-7 2018 in Madrid Spain
Europe’s premier open source and free software trade show will once again bring industry leaders and experts to Madrid for its fifth iteration for a two-day conference with more than 250 speakers and 5 000 attendees exhibiting the latest business innovations made possible with open source technologies.

GeoIoT World 2018

June 11-13 2018 in Brussels Belgium
People interested in LI are sure to feel right at home at this location-aware IoT conference with sessions on innovative GeoData processing and advances in geolocation. The full schedule isn’t yet available but you can view the pre-program details here.

Diagrams 2018

June 18-22 2018 in Edinburgh Scotland
This interdisciplinary conference invites researchers and practitioners from fields ranging from art to biology cartography to cognitive science. Although the program has not been released you can view the accepted submissions here.

Data Science Salon: New York City

June 19 2018 in New York NY
The smaller more intimate environment of this two-day conference allows for opportunity to attend workshops and network with data science professionals sharing best practices and innovative solutions.

18th National Congress of Geographic Information Technologies

June 20-22 2018 in Valencia Spain
In collaboration with the Group of Geographic Information Technologies (TIG) the Association of Spanish Geographers and the University of Valencia’s Department of Geography this year’s conference will focus on how geospatial data sharing technologies (remote sensing data processing spatial analysis data visualizations etc.) are helping generate multidisciplinary perspective in a knowledge society. Registration ends June 1 2018.

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