Who is who at CARTO’s Design Team


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Who is who at CARTO’s Design Team

CARTO was born as a Design-driven organization and I can proudly say that during these years of crazy growth we’ve kept that part of our DNA almost intact. This means that the responsibility of the Design team as ambassadors of this is huge as well as it is the fun. Design is everywhere at CARTO or at least is the way we understand it. Among other things there is design when salespersons go and pitch there is design when we analyze performance and there is design when having to communicate the product to our prospects. So yeah everyone is a designer here (and not only here). I’m a firm believer in people who design without even noticing and I’m totally in for embracing those dynamics.

Having such an understanding of Design makes us think on the design team slightly different than what we are used to see. CARTO’s Design team is a diverse group of six designers and developers who act as design ambassadors within the organization and work horizontally with every team and every person. From sales decks and printed materials to products or even our Instagram account.

We will be publishing more about how we work and why we do so but to start I would like to introduce you to every member in the design team.


Ari is a designer and a control-freak. She can do almost everything from wireframes and User Research to beautiful mockups or videos. There are rumours which say that she cooks pretty well but we can’t tell that (yet).


Cillas is our latest addition to the Design team. She is a developer yes you read that right a developer who focus on leveraging on technology to ease our design process to build and maintain our commercial website and also works in our internal tools.


Emilio is a magician. He knows how to blow your mind by doing tricks with cards and coins but he is also awesome when it is about designing with code. He promised us once that he wouldn’t use his magic to make us do his job.


Jose is the youngest member of the team. He is pure talent and aesthetic intuition. As soon as he leaves the CARTO office he goes and take photos of beautiful urban landscapes.


Juanma is a master of pixels and grids. He is an expert in visual design and is the one who spends more time putting order all around you can recognize his job because every layer and every element is correctly named and aligned. He likes motorbikes and long beards.


Mamata is a well-known senior cartographer. She focuses on thematic cartography decision trees for auto-style and research around big data visualization. She works from Denver but she spends some time in Spain as well – we guess that’s the reason for her amazing spanish.