Elevate your real estate property analysis with CARTO & Markerr


Announcing CARTO & Markerr's data partnership! Subscribe to spatial real estate data including transactions, rent and property details.

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Elevate your real estate property analysis with CARTO & Markerr

We're thrilled to announce our new data partnership with Markerr, a leader in Real Estate data analytics. Markerr specializes in connecting, resolving and geocoding millions of data points to turn raw data into structured market and property data.

This partnership allows our users to subscribe to data built on over 150 million detailed property records. Professionals in financial services, insurance, urban planning, and real estate investment can benefit from leveraging these comprehensive datasets for enhanced market analysis and strategic decision-making.

Keep reading to learn more about this new data and see examples of it in action!

Getting started with Markerr data

You can now find a range of Markerr datasets available to subscribe to via our Data Observatory. Remember, with CARTO, accessing 3rd party data in your data warehouse is an entirely cloud-native process - no file exchange or ETL needed! Markerr’s data offering includes:

  • RealRent Single-Family: Markerr’s flagship data product, which maintains rent-in-place data for more than 20 million units across the US. This includes data on historical market and effective rents, listings, surveys, transactions, deed and title data. This data provides insight into micro-market rental changes over time for use in submarket scoring and underwriting models. Learn more about RealRent here.
  • RealRent Multi-Family: the Multi-Family version of RealRent, but with elusive data for where multiple households share one property (such as flat sharing, retirement homes or student dormitories).
  • Property attributes: featuring over 176 different variables such as property area, number of rooms, the market value, number of commercial units, year built… and much more!
  • Property transactions: includes the number of sales and statistics on sold prices, such as total, median, mean and quantiles. You can explore this data in action in the map below (open in full screen here) which shows changes in the average property transaction amount for Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Try changing the SQL parameters to update the time period shown on the map!

To subscribe, locate the dataset of interest in the Data Observatory and select “Request Subscription” - a member of the CARTO team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

A screenshot showing subscribing to Markerr data in the Data Observatory
Subscribing to Markerr data in the Data Observatory

Real Estate data for actionable insights

So how could you leverage this data? Check out the map below for inspiration!

This visualization (open in full screen here) compares average rents to median income (sourced from NHGIS), allowing users to explore housing affordability across Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

Affordability is a key piece of intelligence in real estate, underpinning decisions ranging from property pricing to landlord insurance underwriting. Beyond real estate, understanding affordability remains vital across a wide variety of organizations; the less money a household has left after housing costs, the less they have to spend on goods and services.

Want to recreate this map?  

You can use SQL parameters to enable your end users to select which types of properties they want to see displayed on the map - saving both you and them time! Finally, adding categorical widgets to highlight the highest values across different variables - ideal for helping your users to quickly pinpoint the most useful data points.  …and don’t forget to sign up for a free 14-day CARTO trial!

Through our partnership, CARTO and Markerr redefine the geospatial toolkit, accelerating the industry toward advanced, spatially-aware analytics. This strategic evolution is now further enhanced by the inclusion of critical real estate data, designed to transform complex property details into actionable business intelligence.

Adam Slackman, SVP of Revenue @ Markerr

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