Announcing CartoDB Enterprise: Mapping Collaboration in the Cloud


Unlock the power of collaborative mapping with CartoDB Enterprise. Scale beyond limits and control resources effortlessly. Explore now!

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Announcing CartoDB Enterprise: Mapping Collaboration in the Cloud

CartoDB is the easiest way to create amazing maps with your data. The interface is creating a new standard for user experience in the mapping and data analytics community. This allows us to work with users from diverse backgrounds to create maps. From hobbyists to educators, researchers, and general business, we are enabling a new generation of mappers to work with their data.

We are excited to announce the release of our CartoDB Enterprise offering: Just like we transformed the way that people make their own maps online, CartoDB is now going to transform the way you work with data as a team or an organization. CartoDB Enterprise brings the power of a consumer web service together with a secure and scalable environment for collaboration. This is a new type of GIS.

When you start using the CartoDB Editor in one of our new multi-user environments, these are some of the new capabilities:


We want to enable collaborative map creation. This can mean sharing datasets with specific team members or visualizations with your entire organization. It can mean read-only access to some people or write access for you team members. Imagine the possibilities when you can quickly transfer datasets across departments from sales to outreach to design, all with the click of a button.

No limits

Enterprise accounts allow you to grow way past the 1GB limit of standard CartoDB accounts. Adding more storage space is simple  so you can grow from 5 to 500 employees. CartoDB is ready to scale.

Easy control and administration

Consolidated billing (only one bill for your CartoDB usage), easy access and control of resources (give different quotas for different users in your organization), and easy provision of resources (need accounts for 15 new users? Just two clicks and they’re set-up).

VIP support and professional services

VIP support, training, and professional services will have you up and running fast.

On-premise and customizations

Do you need CartoDB installed in your private cloud behind your firewall? We've got your back. We can deploy CartoDB in any environment and provide custom SLAs and specific terms & conditions.

Database connectors

Already loaded with tons of data in your corporate databases that needs to be analysed? Worry not. connect CartoDB to your existing databases, or use our easy drag and drop import.

In addition to the seamless functionality of the CartoDB Editor and the CartoDB Platform, we believe that a supportive, secure cloud environment is essential to the success of every organization. Select groups are already using CartoDB Enterprise, and we'll be rolling it out for more in the coming weeks. Interested? Contact us to sign-up, and start re-imagining your cloud experience.