Zero cost, ten times as powerful, and cats. Thoughts from CartoDB15.


Discover the highlights of CartoDB's Partner Summit, featuring insights from industry leaders. Explore the future trends in location intelligence.

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Zero cost, ten times as powerful, and cats. Thoughts from CartoDB15.

Last week's Partner Summit was a smash hit! With representatives from more than 50 partner companies, ranging from small geo-consulting firms to large systems integrators to other SaaS businesses, this two-day event had all the right voices. Here's a quick recap and some thoughts on the future.

On Thursday, our day of technical workshops saw new and experienced CartoDB developers building a consumer insights app that filters AirBnB housing by things like proximity to transit. Meanwhile, a packed series of business development talks walked through CartoDB user personas and how each can leverage the stack, tools for giving a fantastic CartoDB demo, and the many resources available to our partners to help them best serve their clients.


But with this event, we also wanted to ask a bigger question: where is the location intelligence industry headed?

We were excited to have a fantastic roster of industry leaders respond to this question: Chris Holmes (Planet Labs), Jonathan Lowe (BCG), Herwig Baumberger (Wabion), Bobby Shackleton (Bloomberg LP), and Alberto Olivas (Mexico City). The answers all pointed to a smart future involving fresh, ubiquitous data: flocks of tiny satellites, self-driving cars, network-analysis for business managers  and government IT where location is at the center of the technology stack.

On Friday, we asked Paul Ramsey to weigh in, he in turn asked us to "relax your mind a bit and think: what would this trend look like at basically zero cost, and ten times more powerful?" We'll leave you with his take:

CartoDB15 - Trends In Business and Technology, The Future and All That from CartoDB on Vimeo.

Happy data mapping!