CartoDB wants to Congratulate the #DJA 2016 Winners


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CartoDB wants to Congratulate the #DJA 2016 Winners

CartoDB is always happy to support journalists and researchers in their efforts to tell stories through data analysis and visualization. In the past we’ve hosted events like GeoJourNews for journalists and new media to showcase their work share lessons learned and discuss new trends in data journalism.

Last week the Global Editors Network a community of top editors and innovators celebrated data journalism at the fifth Data Journalism Awards. The competition rewards organizations for producing distinguished and outstanding work in the field of journalism worldwide. With over 450 projects submitted from 50 countries this is an exceptional opportunity to share ideas and find out new ways to solve problems through data journalism.

We want to congratulate all the participants for their hard work and are also very proud to see some of the winners using CartoDB maps in their articles!

BuzzFeed employed our technology to show how agents of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) monitor America from the sky.

The infamous Panama Papers ended up among the winners with an amazing project about the politicians criminals and the rogue industry that hides their cash which was spread around the world on social media and news outlets with different maps like this one:

Al Jazeera America did an excellent job on this map to report the train accident on May 8th traveling from Washington D.C. to New York’s Penn Station.

This competition is proof that journalism and new media can leverage data and location intelligence with powerful tools like CartoDB.

We really hope to see more success stories like these ones!

Happy data mapping!