Supporting the Data Stories Podcast


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Supporting the Data Stories Podcast
Data Stories

Last week we were excited to sponsor for the first time Data Stories a podcast on data visualization. We are big fans of the podcast and are very proud to support their work. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner have worked over the years to create a series of shows that explore diverse domains and ask really interesting questions about how people explore data discover new insights and create beautiful visualizations.

Last week's show is titled Listening to Data From Space with Scott Hughes. In it you will learn how Scott Hughes and his collaborators have turned complicated data about our universe into sounds they were able to learn from it's awesome.

If you haven't ever listened to Data Stories before definitely check out their show archive where you can find conversations with the likes of Michal Migurski Rachel Binx Eric Rodenbeck Giorgia Lupi and many more.

Happy data visualizing!