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The Mighty Location Intelligence Solution for Big Data Analysis and Actionable Decision Making: Deep Insights

CartoDB for Deep Insights

Welcome, CartoDB community, to Deep Insights—CartoDB’s solution to make the invisible visible, and allow you to discover unseen correlations and patterns at an unprecedented scale.

CartoDB’s Deep Insights technology enables the visualization, exploration, dynamic filtering, and drill-down of data to unforeseen granular levels. Additionally, CartoDB’s Deep Insights is equipped with dashboards that come with a complete set of widgets that allow you to pan and zoom to different locations on your map, updating values for the area you are currently viewing, in real time!

Imagine you’re a business development manager of a telecommunication company that wishes to expand its market reach beyond local customers, and you have the geolocations of your existing retail shops and towers. Additionally, the census tract information you have access to with Deep Insights gives you the ability to identify where your ideal target audience is, which in turn gives you the power to identify where to concentrate your sales and marketing efforts on the exact target audience you’d like to attract.

 CartoDB for Deep Insights Widgets

You can start by filtering target age groups (20s, 30s, and 40s) and income (above 100k). The visualization highlights your target areas to find your first new customers and continues filtering through the widgets, to identify a low number of home owners — your company wants people renting, not owning. Next, you filter for those people with a high level of disposable income.

 CartoDB for Deep Insights Widgets

 CartoDB for Deep Insights Widgets

 CartoDB for Deep Insights Widgets

Now, you have identified where exactly your target audience in NYC is, so your company is in the best position on making the right business decisions.

Last but not least, the rich cartographic capabilities of CartoDB can make your visualization unique, ensuring you display contextual and time-based location data in the most pertinent way, regardless of the source. And now thanks to Deep Insights your data can be correlated and augmented, algorithmically attaching columns of information by calculating the location of your points.

CartoDB’s Deep Insights is available for you in a single user-friendly interface that can stand-alone or integrate with your own application or workflow. The pricing has been re-designed to support your success, enabling you to provide location insights to as many users as needed, with a fix price model that you can rely on as your organization grows.

Explore CartoDB for Deep Insights in-depth or contact our Sales team for more details.

Happy data mapping!

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