Educator's Night at CartoDB


Discover how CartoDB enriches classroom learning with maps. Educator's Night in NYC offers insights and connections for educators.

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Educator's Night at CartoDB
Educator's Night

Nothing feels better than when someone tells us they are using CartoDB in the classroom. That's why we have worked hard to make teaching with CartoDB easier and more intuitive by creating educational resources that help educators get right to the exciting stuff. To top it all off  we are throwing our first ever Educator's Night in NYC this week!

Maps in the classroom are exciting right now. Like never before  people from all professions and university departments are making use of mapping technologies to help teach everything from history to business management. While this is very exciting  it also means that there is a lot to learn about the use-cases  needs  and challenges faced by our community of educators.

Educator's Night is meant specifically for people who are teaching or hope to teach with CartoDB in the classroom. It will be a two way discussion  helping us learn what we can do better  while helping educators connect and learn how other people in the community are using maps. We'll hear some talks about mapping in the classroom from seasoned CartoDB educators and university professors Amanda Bee and Daniel Goddemeyer; then wrap it up with an open format Q&A and discussion session.

If you are interested in how to use our tools in the classroom or if you are already using them and want to connect with the rest of the community  please join us Thursday  November 20th at 7pm.

Happy mapping!