CartoDB lets anyone create responsive visualizations for desktop and mobile


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CartoDB lets anyone create responsive visualizations for desktop and mobile

Today we consume information primarily through mobile devices. From the start CartoDB has supported visualizations on-the-go. We believe that form and function make a good pair which is why our maps are designed to live with the technology that supports their creators. Our conviction was a hard-won technical challenge.

Scaling visualizations for multiple platforms is difficult as what displays on a stationary desktop screen does not readily translate to micro mobile pixels. In the world of general web design this issue has been addressed by the advent of mobile-specific views and auto-responsive screen adaptation which renders your content optimally viewable to whatever screen you’re staring at in a given moment.

Streamlining map views is not as simple. To have it both ways you would need to build two versions of a visualization that were controlled from an external device. That is until now.


Welcome to the new CartoDB Editor designed for the cartographer of the digital age

Finally your maps and your tools can coexist from your desk to your pocket. Within a single CartoDB visualization you may access data wizards SQL queries CartoCSS styles and a variety of other features to mobilize your map.

So we’ve solved sizing but what about dimensionality? With our new Canvas Selector you may add text and images to make your visualizations come alive. Change the appearance position and content of various elements at will. Our auto-alignment tools are here to keep your creative choices in check because sweating the big stuff is a beautiful thing.

With this new feature you can create truly responsive visualizations controlling how your visualization appears for desktop and mobile views. And from here there are lots of possibilities in how you deliver your visualizations to tell stories with your data. Start using our new editor now and stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.