New color picker and new basemap

Two new small improvements this week (watch our for bigger ones in the coming ones!!).

New basemap

New CartoDB Basemap: Antique

Welcome CartoDB Antique, our new basemap, added to the collection of CartoDB Basemaps. A soft, elegant and simple antique-type basemap for your visualizations.

Improved color picker

New color picker options and revamped usability

With CartoDB’s authoring tool you can select the color for your point markers, polygons, text, etc. Up to now we offered a set of predefined colors. With this change, now you have our set of carefully selected colors plus the possibility of selecting any color from the new color picker, on top of being able to paste the HEX code of your color (or even write it if you are that type of person).

And this is not all: if you edit your CartoCSS, you also take advantage of the color picker, and of the previsualization of your color in the code. Just watch:

Color picker and color previsualization directly in CartoCSS

Don’t you love our #littlebigdetails?

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