Odyssey.js: examples in the wild


Explore interactive stories with Odyssey.js! Dive into projects like New York Daily News investigations, HMS Beagle's journey, Wimbledon tweets, and more.

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Odyssey.js: examples in the wild

Following the release of the new Odyssey.js tool to create map based interactive stories  here you have some projects that are already using it:

New York Daily News story

map of nyc gun violence


On July 9th  New York Daily News published an investigation where they tracked 16 shooting incidents that occurred in a 48 hours period. They used Odyssey.js to tell the story in a different way  using a map to give context to the facts related. Using an slide template  the US newspaper geolocalized the reported incidents of gunfire and told the victims version.

map of nyc gun violence


They also used a CARTO map to show in an interactive way the data of 20 years of gun violence in different parts of New York City. Through this map  readers can easily see which neighborhoods are more violent than others and how that has evolved during these years.

The Voyage of the HMS Beagle

map of hms beagle voyage


HMS Beagle ship left England for her second voyage on 27 December 1831. The ship was captained by Robert FitzRoy  and carried a then young Charles Darwin. During the expedition  Darwin kept a diary of his experiences  and rewrote this as a book. In this Odyssey.js story you can recreate this Charles Darwin’s famous journey.

Wimbledon 2014’s Twitter map

Wimbledon 2014’s Twitter map


Twitter has been using CARTO maps to show how people tweet around the world during big events. This time  they choose Odyssey.js to describe the Wimbledon 2014's men final and present how Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic played out on twitter.

Gull Erick during breeding season

map of Gull Erick during breeding season


You already know Eric the Seagull. This map shows the track of Eric  a Lesser Black-backed Gull  in Zeebrugge  Belgium  while it’s incubating and after the hatching of the eggs and the growth of the chicks. To see more Eric maps  take a look at >LifeWatch Inbo CARTO profile.

Virginia Beaches  visualizing a Washington Post story

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Jonah Adkins has adapted this Washington Post piece by Jane Elizabeth  a perfect example of how can things can be reimagined using Odyssey.js.

This are some of the first Odyssey.js examples that are popping up. You can go to the Odyssey.js site and start creating your own stories. if you have already created one  share it with us in Twitter

Apart from Odyssey.js stories  you can start creating your maps and visualizations getting a free account in CARTO and request a live demo today to find out more.