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Dude, where's my snowplow? OpenData.City uses CartoDB to bring municipal data to life

The open data movement is sweeping the globe like winter storm Juno has swept the Northeast. Yet when individual cities want to make their data available online, they don’t want to end up with a data portal that’s too unique a snowflake — and thus too hard to use and maintain.

From traffic crash reports to zoning maps, opening up data is making it easier for everybody — officials, citizens, companies and media — to understand their cities and make better decisions.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce that data portal service OpenData.City is now integrated with CartoDB.

OpenData.City is built on CKAN, the popular open source platform running data portals like CKAN is battle-tested, secure, full-featured, and flexible.

OpenData.City is designed with small and medium sized cities in mind, making the process of setting up and running an open data portal straightforward and headache-free.

“With OpenData.City and CartoDB, city officials can create useful maps on the fly,” says Joel Natividad, CEO of Ontodia, the data wrangling and publishing company behind OpenData.City.

With OpenData.City and CartoDB, city officials can create useful maps on the fly

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“Almost all city data has a spatial component, and while CKAN is incredibly powerful, the standard spatial features are quite limited. We wanted to give users a strong, flexible toolset for viewing and publishing their datasets.”

With OpenData.City, you can upload datasets via a series of simple wizards that collect all the right details and validate the inputs for accuracy. You can create flexible dashboards to highlight key metrics and track changes over time. And you can search for, filter, and publish data in all sorts of ways.

Want to learn more about OpenData.City and CartoDB? Check out the overview and [sign up for our introductory webinar] on Wednesday, February 11 at 11am EST.

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