Enterprise Spotlight: PlaceSpeak


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Enterprise Spotlight: PlaceSpeak

CartoDB has always been a big advocate of civic technology. From our partnerships with organizations such as Code for America and rapidly growing grant programs for startups climate action and non-profits we're always looking for ways to help civic tech organizations and companies excel at what they do best.

Recently we had the pleasure of collaborating with PlaceSpeak a Vancouver-based company that has taken cities and civic participation to new heights across the world! With our love for civic technology beautiful and insightful mapping and community collaboration it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed and civic co-creation with cutting edge technology was able to blossom.

PlaceSpeak advances public consultation to a whole new level by enabling evidence-based decision making. Built on the idea that technology can both empower citizens and optimize city processes their platform allows citizens to influence the decision making process influencing their communities in an open safe secure and transparent manner. PlaceSpeak leverages the "network effect" to encourage civic engagement notify citizens of relevant consultations in their area and provide them with the opportunity to contribute direct and meaningful feedback. With business and civic innovation like that PlaceSpeak is speaking our language!

We set out together with the common goal of creating meaningful collaboration. With CartoDB's leading-edge GIS technology and PlaceSpeak's civic data we created an incredibly beautiful user growth map to help PlaceSpeak not only share their amazing story and help their clients understand their civic engagement growth but to look good doing it!

To learn more about our collaboration by checking out PlaceSpeak's blog post about our maps. What will future collaborations hold for PlaceSpeak and CartoDB? Stay tuned to watch our civic collaboration grow!

Happy Data Mapping!